Network Cabling: Cat5e versus Cat6

When deciding on the type of Network wiring one will need to consider Cat 5e wiring versus Cat 6 wiring.  The type of cabling used to support your network directly impacts overall performance.  Cat 5e and Cat 6e are the most common cable types in residential and small business networks.  Both systems work with 1000BASE-T [...]

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AFCI Breakers Can Help Prevent a Fire

AFCI Breakers (short for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) are circuit breakers that include electronics for detection of certain arc patterns that indicate that there is faulty wiring causing these arcing. The National Fire Protection Agency estimates that about 50000 homes burn down every year in the United States because of electric fires. AFCI Breakers will protect [...]

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Dangers with Old Circuit Breakers

What are the dangers with old circuit breaker panels? Circuit breaker panels installed in the 1950ties to the 1980ties often have Zinsco, Zinsco Sylvania and FPE breakers installed. These circuit breakers have been identified as failing to trip on overcurrent events and often create arcing and burn-ups at the breaker to busbar connection. Zinsco and FPE Breakers [...]

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