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Client Testimonials

Dear Thomas, I want to tell you about the encounter I had with the local electrical inspector ... The inspector said "Thomas is the best electrician in the county", so it is with great authority that I highly recommend Thomas Tripolt to be your electrician as he has been mine for the past 26 years.
Anna Halprin, Kentfield, CA

I have known Thomas Tripolt for 28 years. He has done many electrical jobs for me, both residential and commercial. He is experienced for all kinds of jobs and is willing to do everything from the smallest home repairs and installations to bidding and doing large projects. Thomas will explain your options. He is Old World courteous and efficient (Austrian) and when the job is finished you know you have gotten value received. His prices are lower than most because he operates without an expensive shop and he relies on recommendations rather than large advertisements. Please call me if you would like to discuss Thomas's qualifications or background in person.
Jeffory Morshead, Kentfield, CA (415) 461-5533

All Electric is a Marin County Electrical Installation Company.

Thomas Tripolt, the founder of All Electric, was born in Austria where he received his electrician training. He later moved to Germany to pursue a career in electronics.

In 1982, he came to California for a visit and fell in love with the country and the people. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Marin County where he then established All Electric.

Thomas Tripolt built his business by providing his customers with prompt and reliable customer service, quality work and affordable pricing.

Now in his 30th year of operation, Thomas himself is on the job with his well-stocked van and a very efficient crew when needed.

Thinking of getting an Emergency Generator to back up the Utility Power? We can install a transfer switch that makes the switching from the Utility to your generator a "Kinderspiel" (Child's Play)!

Need more light? We consult, design and install not only conventional lighting but utilize the newest technologies in LED and Fluorescent light sources.

Are you tired of running around your house to switch on/off your various lights? We can automate the switching so that you even can control the lighting (or your hot tub, etc.) with your Smartphone.

Upgrading your Main Electrical Service may add to your safety and can provide you with more power. Did you know that the 2010 Electric Code requires most circuit breakers in your home being AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters)? AFCI are intelligent breakers that can save your building from fires that are caused by faulty wiring!